A Little Local Love

A wonderful project, designed by our own Nathan Kaye, is featured in the Southwest Journal.


A few excerpts:


Homeowner “Word of Mouth” - The joy of creating positive experiences.

“Several friends had used them, and we loved their high-quality work and design. We were confident they could update existing spaces in a more modern style while keeping consistent with the character of an older home.”

Impact of Good Design - Creative solutions that make your life better.

“One of the biggest conversation pieces in the remodel is the double island. The design added to a more open look, especially on raised legs, and separate spaces for meal prep and homework sprawl. It’s been a great asset, according to the homeowners. Almost every meal is prepared at home and more of the family is in the kitchen. But the Noels’ creative daughter, Mara, has deemed the second island as her command center.”


Craftsmanship and Details - Our designer, Nathan, on crafting unique details.

“The cabinet hardware and metal details are all in a minimal and contemporary style, but we worked with local craftsman Josh Ritenhour, of Phenom Designs, to custom- make each offset door pull, island leg and shelf support,” Kaye said. “The metal pieces were then hand-treated so that each has a slight difference in hue. It is subtle, but if you are in close you can see the variations and by-hand quality.”