2019 Spring Remodelers Showcase

Please join us at the upcoming Spring Remodelers Showcase: Friday to Sunday, March 29th to 31st, Noon to 6pm.

This year we are presenting our design and build range with two diverse projects that show what we do best - creatively solve problems to design and craft uniquely tailored spaces that impact your life for years to come.


Uniquely Traditional: 4445 Bryant Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

A Quartersawn sweet spot, providing a fresh style to an older space. This 1930’s Bungalow now has a kitchen/dining space that is both cohesive and connected, blending the traditional craftsmanship and woodwork of yore with a minimalist and contemporary feel that bring it up to today’s standards and the homeowners’ aesthetic. The end result is an updated space, that encourages more connection at both family dinners and while entertaining guests.

Contextually Modern: 5415 Abbott Place, Edina, MN 55410

This tear down / modern new build located on a unique Edina creek-side property is tailored beautifully to the owners’ lifestyle and taste, as well as the spacious property they selected. Clean lines, spectacular natural views and upscale small touches and amenities make this a stylish gem that is also friendly to the environment it is set on. Come for the design, and stay a while for the views.