It's Never Easy

Each project, each homeowner, and each property are unique.  What so many of the projects we are working on currently have in common are unique zoning situations.  At present we have an application in with the City of Minneapolis' Historic Preservation commission in order to construct a new home in south Minneapolis, and last month we were awarded a Conditional Use Permit to construct an addition to a home in the flood plain along Minnehaha Creek.  

This spring we are also working with the City of Minnetonka and the Nine Mile Creek Watershed District to determine the suitability of a property for a new home that abuts not only a lake, but a separate wetland as well, and we cannot leave out the bluff condition that exists on the site and requires separate setbacks and considerations.  If that wasn't enough we are also assisting some homeowners in the preliminary stages of applying for a difficult variance with the City of Edina.  

Designing and constructing unique projects here at Quartersawn is our specialty.  While we may lay in bed at night and dream of building simple homes on simple sites in simple farm fields, we love the challenges older homes and unique sites bring.  After all how difficult of a three dimensional puzzle does a flat, open, farm field offer?


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