2017 Fall Conference Rundown

Our team attended a few seminars and conferences in the month of October. We want to share with you the tips, videos and articles that will help you make smart decisions when it comes to building and maintaining your home.

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MN Green Path Seminar- Building the High-Performance House  referenced a great article, which is a great read for anyone interested in building with high quality materials : 

According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, there will be around a million-and-a-half housing units built in the United States this year (unit includes apartments, condos, and single-family houses). Most of these units will be built to the standard of the applicable building codes. That sounds like a good thing, but remember that the code is a minimum standard, so a house that simply meets code requirements is the worst house you can legally build. Continue reading 


Another seminar, with Gord Cooke, had a lot of great technical advice like "your foundation accounts for 25% of your overall heat loss" and "roof sheathing ventilation NOT attic ventilation is the correct approach", also the American Panel Association is a free resource that shows how to build with less wood. 

What's more exciting is the "Construction Instruction" app which has some really great graphics explaining heat gain/heat loss, vapor barriers, recommended suppliers and much more. We will be coming back to this app as we explore more articles and videos. 

Here is one more link to our latest blog post that shares a few helpful tips on keeping a "tight" house for the winter.