Building Community in the Community in which we Build

Quartersawn is located in Tangletown. We are investing and invested in this community. On extremely cold and snowy days like we have experienced recently, when you just don’t want to go far, it is wonderful to have great small businesses in your neighborhood. Today we want to highlight three of the things we love about Tangletown.


First is food. 


George and the Dragon is a mere 5 blocks from our office, and it’s so wonderful to have this quality of food and staff at our nearby go-to restaurant. If you are further than 5 blocks from them, we still recommend you make your way there. And when you do, say hi to Fred and Stacy for us at Quartersawn. In our experience it won’t take long until they know your name and your favorite entrée as well.



Second is drink.

This week we will be bringing the whole crew over to the Tap Society for a little social time. An innovative experience where you purchase beers, wines and ciders by the ounce from a self-serve line of taps.  Quartersawn loves to support creative ideas (one of our core values) and our local businesses. We hope you will too, and when you do, say hi to Mike.


Third is neighbors.

The Foundry provides a beautiful shopping experience, and they also make for a great neighbor.  We wave and say “Hi”. We shovel each other’s sidewalks. We take in packages for each other. And I have no doubt that if I went over to ask for a cup of sugar for a recipe they would provide it. We encourage you to stop by and pick up some beautiful home goods. And when you do, say hi to Lillian, and then stop next door and say hi to us at Quartersawn.