Wallpaper...More than just a Trend

Hygge & West  (Petal Pusher)

Hygge & West (Petal Pusher)

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We get asked about wallpaper a lot these days. Our clients are open to using wallpaper as an accent or statement for their homes. After seeing a resurgence of wallpaper in the United States and elsewhere over the past five plus years, I think it's safe to say that wallpaper is more than just a trend. The trend is here to stay as an effective way to design and decorate spaces in the home.  

The options for wallpaper are growing quickly with many companies creating amazing designs and patterns. 

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Hygge & West  (Otomi) 

Hygge & West (Otomi) 


Here are a few papers our clients have chosen in the past. We are excited to see what they will choose next. If you're interested in learning more let us know and we will bring the latest designs and trends to you. 






Bathrooms, powder rooms, hallways, entryways, closets ... there are so many places that can be given texture and pattern to create a more more interesting space.