Quartersawn Kitchen Featured in Consumer Reports


We have received so much love for this amazing kitchen by designer Nathan Kaye!

The “Freemont Contemporary” kitchen was recently featured in Consumer Reports Kitchen Planning & Buying Guide 2019. The small shelf under the cabinet is the perfect solution for the choice between open shelving and uppers and keeps frequently used and beautiful dinnerware within reach and on display.

See more of this gorgeous kitchen in our portfolio.

Photos by Andrea Rugg.

A Little Local Love

A wonderful project, designed by our own Nathan Kaye, is featured in the Southwest Journal.


A few excerpts:


Homeowner “Word of Mouth” - The joy of creating positive experiences.

“Several friends had used them, and we loved their high-quality work and design. We were confident they could update existing spaces in a more modern style while keeping consistent with the character of an older home.”

Impact of Good Design - Creative solutions that make your life better.

“One of the biggest conversation pieces in the remodel is the double island. The design added to a more open look, especially on raised legs, and separate spaces for meal prep and homework sprawl. It’s been a great asset, according to the homeowners. Almost every meal is prepared at home and more of the family is in the kitchen. But the Noels’ creative daughter, Mara, has deemed the second island as her command center.”


Craftsmanship and Details - Our designer, Nathan, on crafting unique details.

“The cabinet hardware and metal details are all in a minimal and contemporary style, but we worked with local craftsman Josh Ritenhour, of Phenom Designs, to custom- make each offset door pull, island leg and shelf support,” Kaye said. “The metal pieces were then hand-treated so that each has a slight difference in hue. It is subtle, but if you are in close you can see the variations and by-hand quality.”

2019 Spring Remodelers Showcase

Please join us at the upcoming Spring Remodelers Showcase: Friday to Sunday, March 29th to 31st, Noon to 6pm.

This year we are presenting our design and build range with two diverse projects that show what we do best - creatively solve problems to design and craft uniquely tailored spaces that impact your life for years to come.


Uniquely Traditional: 4445 Bryant Ave South, Minneapolis, MN 55419

A Quartersawn sweet spot, providing a fresh style to an older space. This 1930’s Bungalow now has a kitchen/dining space that is both cohesive and connected, blending the traditional craftsmanship and woodwork of yore with a minimalist and contemporary feel that bring it up to today’s standards and the homeowners’ aesthetic. The end result is an updated space, that encourages more connection at both family dinners and while entertaining guests.

Contextually Modern: 5415 Abbott Place, Edina, MN 55410

This tear down / modern new build located on a unique Edina creek-side property is tailored beautifully to the owners’ lifestyle and taste, as well as the spacious property they selected. Clean lines, spectacular natural views and upscale small touches and amenities make this a stylish gem that is also friendly to the environment it is set on. Come for the design, and stay a while for the views.


Houzz Aids and Recognizes Good Design

We have recently been recognized with a Best of Houzz Design Award for 2019.

Homeowners are doing more and more of their pre-project research online at sites like Houzz and Pinterest. This can be extremely helpful as they work to find inspiration and refine their vision. We love working with homeowners and their ideas for their project, and the more they engage in the process and bring to the table, the better we can work together to design and craft the perfect customized spaces.

This particular mudroom we designed received a lot of attention in the Houzz community. We are proud to be recognized by people who care about design and what it can do to make our lives better - through both form and function.

We are on a roll.

See our latest work on Houzz.


Building Community in the Community in which we Build

Quartersawn is located in Tangletown. We are investing and invested in this community. On extremely cold and snowy days like we have experienced recently, when you just don’t want to go far, it is wonderful to have great small businesses in your neighborhood. Today we want to highlight three of the things we love about Tangletown.


First is food. 


George and the Dragon is a mere 5 blocks from our office, and it’s so wonderful to have this quality of food and staff at our nearby go-to restaurant. If you are further than 5 blocks from them, we still recommend you make your way there. And when you do, say hi to Fred and Stacy for us at Quartersawn. In our experience it won’t take long until they know your name and your favorite entrée as well.




Second is drink.

This week we will be bringing the whole crew over to the Tap Society for a little social time. An innovative experience where you purchase beers, wines and ciders by the ounce from a self-serve line of taps.  Quartersawn loves to support creative ideas (one of our core values) and our local businesses. We hope you will too, and when you do, say hi to Mike.



Third is neighbors.

The Foundry provides a beautiful shopping experience, and they also make for a great neighbor.  We wave and say “Hi”. We shovel each other’s sidewalks. We take in packages for each other. And I have no doubt that if I went over to ask for a cup of sugar for a recipe they would provide it. We encourage you to stop by and pick up some beautiful home goods. And when you do, say hi to Lillian, and then stop next door and say hi to us at Quartersawn.