How Do You “Living Room”?

Whenever Quartersawn remodels a home, we think about how our design can help make our Homeowner’s lives better - aesthetically and functionally. Naturally, that means we are frequently remodeling living rooms. When we work on a living room, we’re trying to create a space that you and your family want to spend time in. Do you want a space for family movie nights? A place to relax around a fireplace? Lots of space to move around for entertaining? Some combination of all of these things? How you “living room” is up to you. We want to help you get there, and represent your style in the process.

Quartersawn’s living room designs strike a delicate balance between your personal aesthetic, comfort and livability, and the original character of the home. When we’re finished, you’ll get a living space you’ll love to look at and spend time in. Here are a few examples of our living room designs that struck the balance just right:

Want us to design your living room that’s designed around your life? Give Quartersawn a call any time. We’re always happy to help you make your living space yours.